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Uniwersytet Rzeszowski
Centrum Dokumentacji Współczesnej
Sztuki Sakralnej
pl. Ofiar Getta 4-5/35, 35-002 Rzeszów
tel. +48 17 872 20 98

1. The annual “SACRUM ET DECORUM. Materiały i studia z historii sztuki sakralnej/SACRUM ET DECORUM. Materials and Studies on the History of Sacred Art” is a peer-reviewed academic journal, edited in two language versions – Polish and English – which is published in print and electronic form.
2. Original and previously unpublished articles, thematically related to the profile of the magazine, making a significant contribution to the development of Polish and world research on sacred art, sent exclusively to the editorial office of “Sacrum et Decorum” are accepted for publication. The text should be up to 20 typewritten pages; in exceptional cases – by prior arrangement with the editorial team – the number of pages may be increased.
3. In addition to scholarly articles, the Editorial Board publishes reviews, source materials and artists’ essays on their own work in the new Miscellanea series. We also publish information about books or artistic events, i.e. exhibitions, conferences, etc., up to 5 typed pages.
4. Please attach to the text: an abstract of the article (about half a typewritten page), five to six keywords, a separate bibliography and brief information about the author, including name, surname, title or degree, place of work, contact details – e-mail address, telephone number and ORCID number. Submitting an article for print is tantamount to agreeing to the publication of the above data, not only in “Sacrum et Decorum” (paper and internet version), but also in academic databases with which the magazine cooperates now or in the future.
5. Please also complete, sign and send to the Editor the attached declaration of authenticity and authorship of the submitted text and/or any contributions from other authors, as well as your responsibility for the originality of the work, the application of COPE standards and respect for the property rights of third parties (e.g. in the use of illustrative material, etc.) – APPENDIX 1AUTHOR’S STATEMENT.

In line with the Open Access policy, authors retain full copyright to their articles – without restrictions.
Authors can deposit their articles in a repository of their choice.

6. In the case of co-authorship of the article, we require information on the percentage contribution of individual persons to the writing of the paper, specifying the affiliation of the co-author(s). Authors are also required to submit to the Editor and include in the text information on the contribution of academic and research institutions, associations and other entities – APPENDIX 1a – Statement of percentage share
7. The editors reserve the right to make changes or abbreviations to the text, with the prior agreement of the author(s).
8. Unsolicited materials will not be returned by the Editor.
9. The rules of accepting, evaluating, and the reviewing process are in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Science as well as the standards of COPE – Committee on Publication Ethics, and described in detail on the webpage www.sacrumetdecorum.pl, under “Reviewing”.
10. The editors follow the procedures suggested by the Ministry of Education and Science and the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) to safeguard the originality of academic publications.
11. The Editorial Board will inform the appropriate bodies possessing the power of legal authority over persons not conforming to the applicable standards, of any instances of violating academic integrity and ethical principles.

Sending the article to the editor and technical requirements:

  • Texts should be sent via e-mail to: sacrumetdecorum@ur.edu.pl by the end of December each year;
  • A standard typewritten page contains 30 lines of text with approx. 60 characters per line (approx. 1800 characters per page);
  • Articles should contain an abstract of the article (about half a typewritten page), five to six keywords, a separate bibliography and brief information about the author, including name, surname, title or degree, place of work, contact details – e-mail address, telephone number and ORCID number;
  • The citation and bibliography format is described in APPENDIX 2STYLESHEET;
  • Illustrations in tif, jpg, pdf format should be sent in a separate file to the following address: sacrumetdecorum@ur.edu.pl;
  • The list of photographs should be prepared in accordance with the rules set out in Annex 2 and placed under the bibliography in the article;

Image captions:

Author, title (in italics), the date of creation of the work shown on the photograph, its production technique (when not apparent), dimensions if applicable, place (or the details on the storage place of the reproduced material, details of the photographer (or source), for instance:

Stanisław Wyspiański, The enigmatic stained-glass window, 1900, St. Anne’s Church, Kraków, phot. D. Czapczyńska- Kleszczyńska

Jan Klopicki, A View of St. Giles’ Church in Kraków, 1876, watercolour, the State Archive in Kraków, call no. Ik-678, phot. the Archive

Marcin Arczyński, A project of a stained-glass window for St. Barbara’s Church in Kraków, 1912, quoted after: Witraże najnowsze, Kraków 1913, p. 25


„Sacrum et Decorum” – stylesheet for bibliography


K. Kowalski, Sztuka Rzeszowa, Rzeszów 2002, p. 55.

Cz. Karolak, W. Kunicki, H. Orłowski, Dzieje kultury niemieckiej, Warszawa 2006, pp. 31–32.

A. Holz, Geschichte der deutschen Kunst, vol. 6, Berlin 2001, p. 104. Studia i materiały do dziejów sztuki najnowszej, ed. J. Nowak, Warszawa 2000, p. 89.

Exhibition catalogues:

Koniec wieku, exhibition catalogue, National Museum in Warsaw, 15 Nov 1996 – 26 Jan 1997, National Museum in Kraków, 15 March 1997 – 15 May 1997, eds. E. Charazińska, Ł. Kossowski, Warszawa 1996, p. 118.

A work in an anthology:

M. Motté, Was die Bibel verschweigt, erzählen die Dichter, in: Der Heiligen Schrift auf der Spur. Beiträge zur biblischen Intertextualität in der Literatur, eds. M. Kłańska, J. Kita-Huber, P. Zarychta, Dresden–Wrocław 2009, p. 53.

J. Hermand, Die gescheiterte Hoffnung. Zur Malerei der Befreiungskriege, in: idem, Avantgarde und Regression. 200 Jahre deutsche Kunst, Leipzig 1995, p. 15.

Journal or newspaper article:

P. Dettloff, Dawne rogatki miejskie Krakowa, “Rocznik Krakowski” 76, 2010, p. 63.

Ein Tilgman’sches Sandgebläse in Mühlau, “Innsbrucker Nachrichten” 22, 1875, no, 270, p. 3236.

With multiple quotations from the same source, you should list the name of the author (if not possible, use the title or its abbreviated form), the year of the publication, and the footnote in which the given publication appeared for the first time, e.g.:

Szczerski 2002, as in footnote. 5, p. 23.

Karolak, Kunicki, Orłowski 2006, as in footnote 20, p. 57.

Koniec wieku 1996, as in footnote 22, p. 89.

Studia i materiały… 2000, as in footnote 11, p. 78.

Archive materials:

When quoting archive materials, the localization data should be listed starting from the general to the specific: the name of the archive (with the used abbreviation, if the article contains more references to the documents from this archive), call number, collection name (with the suggested abbreviation if needed), document title, quoted pages/leaves. For instance: Lambeth Palace Archive (=LPA), Arches Aaa48, Assignation Books 8 December 1847-29 October 1852, unpaginated collection, Gorham v Exeter (1849), p. [1].

When necessary, use the customary Latin references (e.g. idem, eadem, ibidem). If the untitled document was given a provisional title by the author of the article, it should be written in roman font (e.g.: Letter from T. Żebrawski to A. Przeździecki of 28 Feb 1851).

Please address all correspondence to:
Uniwersytet Rzeszowski
Centrum Dokumentacji Współczesnej Sztuki Sakralnej
Editors of “Sacrum et Decorum”
35-002 Rzeszów, pl. Ofiar Getta 4-5/35
phone +48 661 928 362, +48 17 872 20 98
e-mail: sacrumetdecorum@ur.edu.pl

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