Uniwersytet Rzeszowski
Centrum Dokumentacji Współczesnej Sztuki Sakralnej
pl. Ofiar Getta 4-5/35, 35-002 Rzeszów
tel. +48 17 872 20 98


Please note that orders to buy an annual “Sacrum et Decorum” are taken by Publishing and Distribution Department of the University of Rzeszów,

35 – 959 Rzeszów, ul. prof.S. Pigonia 6,

Tel. 17 872 13 69.

We also accept orders sent by mail,

fax-17 872 14 26,

e-mail to wydaw@univ.rzeszow.pl,

and through the website: http://wydawnictwo.univ.rzeszow.pl/

Ordered issues of the annual will be sent to the address indicated. Fees shall be made upon receipt. Price of an annual is 25 PLN (price does not include shipping costs).

For international orders please contact our distribution department (wydaw@univ.rzeszow.pl) or our sales representative:

M. Woliński, Lexicon Bookstore

Ul. M. Sengera „Cichego” 24/2A

tel./fax + 48 22 648 41 23

02- 790 Warsaw, Poland

e-mail: lexicon@lexicon.net.pl


Editors of an annual “Sacrum et Decorum. Materials and studies on the history of sacred art” allow for the purchase an annual electronic subscription to the magazine. To do this, create a user account on www.sacrumetdecorum.pl and pay the license fee of 25 PLN /a year

After registration a user will be sent an e-mail message containing the bank account data to which the fee should be paid. Confirmation and the user account activation will be completed when the payment has been credited. Confirmation of the fee payment will be issued within 7 days after it has been credited.

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