Issue 6

Religious artistic creation of women artists

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Maria Magdalena Łubieńska (1833–1920) – an emancipated female artist

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The religious painting of Pia Górska

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Religious motifs in the artwork of Zofia Stryjeńska, “the princess of Polish painting”

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A look at vera icon: Dorothee von Windheim’s play with tradition

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The religious iconography of female artists in the Independent Culture Movement

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In search of the Face. Danuta Waberska’s way to sacred art

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Danuta Waberska’s St Joseph with Young Jesus. A study in the iconology and aesthetics of reception

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Krużlowa and The Head of Christ by Alina Szapocznikow

Agata Jakubowska

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The motif of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the work of Janina Karczewska-Konieczna and Janina Stefanowicz-Schmidt

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