Issue 4

Presentations – Interpretations – Demands

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Tradition, decreasing piety and a vague sense of the Divine. François René de Chateaubriand and the crisis of sacred art in the 19th century

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Argumentation structure in early interpretations of the Chapel at Ronchamp (Part I)

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The no longer existing Franciscan Church in Jasło and its designer Michał Łużecki. A contribution to his biography[1]

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The Neo-Platonic Supper

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The Meaning of Existence and Art in the Painting Pietà by Tadeusz Boruta

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Contemporary artist and the sacrum. Metaphysical themes in the work of Tadeusz Boruta, Stanisław Białogłowicz and Tadeusz Wiktor

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Piotr Cholewka: Known and Unknown

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The art of faith and for faith

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A photographic breviary. “Zodiaque” publications in the 20th century

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