Publishing Guidelines

  1. The annual SACRUM ET DECORUM. Materiały i studia z historii sztuki sakralnej is a journal primarily published in print, in a book format.
  2. Submitted articles should be previously unpublished, of up to 20 pages of typescript that are concerned with the sacred art of the last two centuries. In exceptional cases (following agreements with the editors), some of these articles may exceed 20 pages.
  3. Besides articles, the magazine also publishes reviews of books on topics suitable to the profile of the magazine, as well as short notices on current artistic and academic events such as exhibitions or conferences. These articles should not generally exceed 5 pages of typescript.
  4. All texts should be accompanied by a short note on the author, including their full name, academic credentials and place of work.
  5. Technical requirements:
    1. Texts should be sent in one copy (print-out and electronic version);
    2. Texts of articles should include an abstract of around half a pag and five to six keywords
    3. references should conform to the stylesheet available on the website;
    4. One page of standardised typescript should consist of 30 lines of text with approximately 60 characters per line, and therefore an approximate total of 1800 characters per page;
  6. The editors reserve the right to modify the text of articles, following permission given by the authors.
  7. The editors do not return texts that are un-commissioned.
  8. The rules for submission, evaluating and reviewing process are in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and are described in detail on the web page
  9. The Editorial Board follows the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for safeguarding the originality of academic publications.
  10. All instances of academic dishonesty and breaches of the academic code of conduct will be reported by the Editorial Board to the appropriate institutional bodies.

Correspondence should be sent to:

Redakcja „Sacrum et Decorum”

Uniwersytet Rzeszowski

Centrum Dokumentacji Współczesnej Sztuki Sakralnej

35-002 Rzeszów, pl. Ofiar Getta 4-5/35

tel. +48 661 928 362


Article review process for the manuscripts submitted to Sacrum et Decorum

  • Manuscripts may be submitted in the language preferred by the author.  After the preliminary acceptance by the Editorial Board, they are – if necessary – translated into Polish and English, then approved by the Advisory Board and sent to reviewers.
  • The rules for submission, evaluating and reviewing process are in accordance with the generally accepted guidelines, available among others on the web page of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education
  • Every article published in the section “Studies” is reviewed by at least two independent reviewers, with university affiliations other than the publisher of Sacrum et Decorum (University of Rzeszów) and the institution employing the author.
  • In case of texts by authors with foreign affiliations, at least one reviewer is affiliated with a foreign university from a country different than the author’s.
  • In the review process both authors and reviewers do not know one another’s identities.  The double-blind review process will be applied starting from Volume V of the journal.  Apart from that, the editors will make every effort to choose reviewers who are not in a conflict of interests with authors.
  • The guidelines for accepting or rejecting the manuscript are in the review form included below, which contains the basic criteria for texts’ appraisal.
  • The review has to be submitted in writing and end with a clear recommendation for acceptance or rejection.
  • The details of the review process are confidential and include a possibility of accepting the manuscript with revisions.  They have to be included in the final version of the manuscript and confirmed by the reviewer.
  • The author receives an article for correction (print-out or a Word file) and after making necessary corrections returns it to the Editors within 14 days.
  • The names of the reviewers of individual articles are not revealed even after publishing the issue.  Every volume includes a list of collaborating reviewers, but does not identify the articles reviewed by them.

Manuscript review form